We offer a fast and professional translation service in many languages. Our mother tongue translators will timely deliver accurate work, always focusing on quality and customer satisfaction.

We mostly deal with translations in the following fields:

 technical translations (manuals, instructions, etc.). Translations of manuals are the most requested by companies, as they are very specific.

 medical and scientific translations. These include different types of texts, which all belong to the same field: from scientific essays to information leaflets for medicines.

 business translations. It is a very specific field, which includes texts such as business contracts, estimates, marketing reports, etc.

 legal translations. It is definitely the most specific and sector-based field of translation. We translate any type of legal document, from contracts to certificates (e.g.: birth certificates, transfer of ownership, etc.). Upon request, we can offer you sworn translations

 website and blog article translations. Since this field is increasingly expanding, companies ask us to translate entire websites or blog pages in different sectors and languages.

 tourism-related translations. These include translations of leaflets, catalogues and brochures, which promote both the local area or other territories, or only some aspects, such as food and wine tourism.


Prices are calculated according to the number of “sheets” (one “sheet” corresponds to 1,500 characters) or words, taking into consideration the amount of work and the language requested by the customer.


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