“Deus quis que a terra fosse toda uma,
Que o mar unisse, já não separasse.”

(“God willed that all the earth be one,
That seas unite and never separate.”)


This is what the great writer Fernando Pessoa wrote.


And this is how the Portuguese people have always perceived the sea: as a channel, not as an element of separation. Indeed, this way of thinking facilitated the development and expansion of their empire.

The only thing left of it is undoubtedly the language, spoken across five continents, for example in Brazil and Angola, which, today, are two of the world’s fastest growing economies.


Being able to establish a direct link with these countries is essential, and that is why I personally take care of the management and organization of this linguistic area, by giving companies the practical tools for internationalization. These tools are mostly intended to accelerate communication and bureaucracy, which often slow down and interfere with international business relationships.