We are Michele and Sara, and together we form Avelira, an Italian agency offering language services, specialised in Portuguese, Spanish and English.

Our company is the result of a simple but challenging project: to establish ourselves in the business around us, by offering our skills to both companies and private citizens.

We offer an extensive range of services, aimed at people of all ages and school grades: translations, interpreting, private language lessons, and language courses for both individuals and companies. We also provide assistance in dispatching all papers and documents for immigrants and foreign students.

In doing this, we ensure the utmost professionalism for our customers, since our co-workers, whose language skills are certified and tested, are fully prepared and qualified. They are both native speakers of Italian or foreign languages, thus allowing us to deal with the many requests we receive from customers or persons who want to learn a new foreign language.

We are a young team but we are willing to take on challenges and make a change in our professional lives. This is why we have created an agency that is able to stand out among the other language services offered in our territory, focusing on precision, promptness and flexibility.

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